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About Us

At Bruel Strata Management we pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional and personal service.  As a boutique company, we specialise in Strata Management exclusively, so we have the experience to proactively manage your property and maintain the value of your asset.


We have been servicing Strata properties throughout Perth since 2004, with experience managing commercial, residential and mixed use Strata of all sizes.  With more than 50 properties under management, we're small enough to provide personal service and large enough to offer the expertise you need.

Managing Director Vinka de Vries is a Certified Strata Community Manager (CSCM) and the business is a proud to be a long-standing member of Strata Community Australia (WA).


Bruel Strata offers a flat fee for management, which means there are no hidden costs. We don't charge extra for meetings, reports, communications, banking, archiving or consumables. This allows your Strata to accurately budget without worrying about extra charges. 

Contact us today to request a quote or to discuss the needs of your Strata.


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