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Our Services

  • Establishing and maintaining a unique bank account, including investments accounts, if required.

  • Preparation and presentation of financial reports

  • Easy payment options including DEFT, BPay, credit card, cheque, by phone or through Australia Post

  • Issuing contribution (levy) notices

  • Prompt payment of contractors and creditors

  • Reconciliation of accounts

  • Coordinating the auditing of accounts

  • Preparation and presentation of budget

  • Reconciling owner payments

  • Monitoring and coordinating arrears and debt recovery


  • Maintain the strata roll, including Owner contact info

  • Respond to routine queries and correspondence

  • Maintaining custody of the Common Seal

  • Maintain all records of the Strata Company including minutes, accounts, correspondence


  • Arranging quotes for routine and preventative maintenance, emergency works and upgrades to common property

  • Issuing works orders and contractor management

  • Ensuring work is completed satisfactorily

  • Processing invoices and payments


  • Preparation and distribution of notices and agendas for Annual General Meetings (AGM), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) and Council of Owner (COO) Meetings

  • Attendance at AGM and EGMs

  • Preparation and distribution of AGM, EGM and COO Minutes

  • Meeting administration and chairing if requested

  • Maintaining and recording correspondence and notices required under the Act

  • Responding to routine communication

  • Responding to and referring Strata queries


  • We are proud to partner with Empire Insurance Group to ensure your insurance is handled by experts.

  • Obtaining quotes for insurance renewals

  • Presenting quotes, including expert advice to Councils

  • Placing and renewing insurance as required through Empire

  • Arranging insurance valuations

  • Preparing and lodging routine insurance claims

  • Arranging, instructing & coordinating contractors for claim repairs


  • Responding to queries from the COO regarding by-laws

  • Arranging the drafting, amending and review of by-laws

  • Serving notices to comply with by-laws

  • Attending the scheme for by-law enforcement

  • Preparing and issuing notices for breached by-laws

  • Assisting the Strata Company in tribunal or court proceedings

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